Our Customers

We currently deliver our milk to retail, commercial and wholesale based customers throughout Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Bristol, Bath and Wiltshire. Delivery routes are regularly expanding and added to, as and when required.

Our growing customer portfolio of clients includes some of the regions’ leading organic retail outlets, convenience stores, farm shops, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, caterers, wholesalers, hospitals, residential care homes and schools & colleges.

Our Farmers

We strongly understand the importance of supporting our local farming community for future generations. Our beliefs regarding food miles are especially important and close to our hearts; we are proud that all of our milk is farmed within a 10-mile radius of our Bruton dairy unit.

All of our farms meet our closely monitored standards, of which the most important is animal welfare. As we are from a farming family ourselves, we understand the daily needs of a dairy farm in today’s environment. In return, we guarantee to all of our farmers a premium price for their milk, which in turn helps ensure the future success of the local Somerset dairy industry.

Organic Somerset Milk

Godminster Manor Farm

All of our organic milk is solely sourced from the Godminster dairy herd, Godminster Manor Farm, Bruton, which is the neighbouring farm to our dairy unit. We are very proud of our association with Godminster and enjoy working alongside their team on the processing of their milk. Godminster are world famous for their range of cheeses under the Godminster Vintage label.

We work very closely with the Godminster team. Richard Hollingbery, owner of Godminster, has a simple mantra – nature repays those who treat her kindly. A great outlook and one to which we also subscribe.

Farm manager, Pete Cheek, and Richard have crossed their 320 head herd of British Friesians with Swedish Red, Norwegian Red, Normande and Fleckvieh, to produce animals that are well-suited to the largely pasture-based organic system of dairy farming. This also means that male calves can be brought on as beef animals. They grow as much of the feed for the cows on the farm as possible, so they have tight control of their diet, feeding their cows the herbal leys, silage, whole crop, oats and beans which are all grown on the farm. Wildlife is encouraged all over the farm with wide field margins, carefully managed ponds and hedgerows, while homeopathy is used as part of the herd management.

Non-Organic Local Somerset Milk

Church Farm, Somerset Estate

R & S Higgins and Sons farm 450 acres of land that forms part of the Duke of Somerset’s estate. The Higgins family have farmed at Church Farm for over 70 years and are 4th generation farmers, soon to be 5th – their youngest children love helping with the calf feeding and assisting in the parlour. Church Farm’s assured dairy herd consists of 200 Friesians and Friesian Cross. Their farm produces over 1.5 million litres of the highest quality milk annually from the green pastures of Somerset Estate and their farm produced forage.

Goats Milk

Bagborough Farm

The farm is situated just a stone’s throw away from the Glastonbury Festival site, in Pylle, Somerset. Owner, Roger Longman, is a 3rd generation farmer and he and his team look after their beloved herd of goats – a mix of Toggenburg, British Alpine and Saanen. They take great care to ensure their four-legged mischievous goats are as happy as can be and they are fed a specifically adapted diet ideal for cheesemaking. The majority of the milk from Bagborough Farm goes into making their delicious award-winning White Lake Cheese.


Brown Cow Organics

Brown Cow organic yoghurt is artisan made on The Brown Cow organic farm, using only their own organic A2 beta casein protein rich unhomogenised whole milk from their dairy Guernsey herd. Hand-potted into recyclable & re-usable pots, this artisan process produces naturally thick, rich organic yoghurt without the use of emulsifiers, stabilisers, or thickeners.

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Suppliers brue valley

Brue Valley

Brue Valley pride themselves in using methods passed down from generations to create their wonderful Butter. The beauty of their product is in the batch churning & hand salting: thus creating an open textured product with a depth of flavour. They work with a variety of cream including Whey, Sweet, Organic & Goats from a pool of trusted suppliers.

Godminster Vintage

Just over 20 years ago, Godminster Vintage made their first Organic Cheddar to a 90-year-old recipe. It was a thank you gift from Founder Richard, to his friends and neighbours who helped him on the conversion to organic journey. The cheddar is matured for up to 12 months. Over the years, Godminster Vintage have gained a multitude of awards and are well known worldwide for their gorgeous burgundy truckles. They also produce an Oak-Smoked version of the Vintage Organic Cheddar and, most recently, a Black Truffle Vintage Organic Cheddar.

Suppliers Godminster vintage
Suppliers wyke farms

Wyke Farms

Farming and making great Cheddar is a way of life for the Clothier family. They have been following farming traditions in the heart of Somerset for generations. With its mild climate and lush green pastures for grazing, Somerset is the best place to make Cheddar. Grandmother Ivy’s family have been making cheddar and farming in Somerset for hundreds of years. Wyke Farms also pride themselves in utilizing natural resources to source their electricity and gas from both solar and biogas, generated from farm and dairy waste.

Hembridge Organics

Hembridge Organics use traditional recipes, small batch open pan methods and real ingredients from neighbouring organic farms, their jams and chutneys contain no artificial colourings, pectin, gelling agents, or other nasties. In fact all of their preserves have been approved by the soil association and are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

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