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We were tenant farmers for years before diversifying into the milk processing business, which we have now been doing for over 15 years. Paul Portch was the driving force behind Bruton Dairy. His experience in dairy farming and passion for producing traditional, high quality, locally sourced milk and cream led him to set up the dairy in Bruton, where he lived for almost 30 years.

Paul was innovative and it was always his dream to see the dairy expand and develop new ideas. One example of this was his work to use milk churns in a bid to cut down the amount of plastic being used; this proved so successful that over a 12-month period we sent out just over 200,000 litres of milk in our churns.

Paul’s son, Tim, joined his father in the dairy over 5 years ago and his daughter, Katie, joined 3 years ago, making Bruton Dairy a real family-run business.

Very sadly, Paul passed away in August 2020 but his wife, Jane, joined the family team to carry on pursuing Paul’s dream of expanding the dairy and developing exciting new ideas.

Of course we would not be able to continue doing what we love without the help of our amazing and dedicated team of employees in production, the office and out on the road delivering orders.

What We Do

Here at Bruton Dairy we are passionate about producing the finest quality traditional Somerset milk and cream. We are ardent supporters of our Somerset dairy farming industry and, as a result of that, we aim to produce the highest quality, locally farmed milk and cream available on the market. We are a small, family-run business and have been in the farming industry for generations.

Using only a few local farms, we process both organic and non-organic pasteurised, unhomogenised milk. All of our milk comes from farms with whom we have strong relationships and personally trust. These farms all work to the highest standards including, most importantly, that of animal welfare.

The quality, taste and freshness of our milk is paramount. Milk is collected daily by our team from our local farms within 10 miles of Bruton dairy. This ensures our milk is quite possibly the freshest available on the market, giving an approximate fridge life of 10 days.

With our milk and cream being unhomogenised, we take a very traditional approach when processing our products, focusing on the quality and taste. All of our milk is pasteurised to remove any harmful organisms, but we do not homogenise the milk like the majority of other dairies.

Bruton Dairy Cream What we do

So what does homogenised mean?

The majority of conventional dairy producers homogenise their milk. Homogenising milk breaks down the fat to disperse the cream evenly throughout and leaves it more aesthetically pleasing, as the cream will not stick to the top of the bottles and it will give it a whiter appearance. However, we believe that homogenising milk affects the taste. By not homogenising our milk and leaving the milk in its more natural state, we are left with rich and creamy products just like the old day. Some say it has even had a positive impact on their gut health, as unhomogenised milk is easier to digest. You will also notice that our milk stays creamy at the top and may appear creamier in colour compared to conventional milk – this is absolutely fine. Just a simple shake will mix the cream and milk.

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