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Godminster Organic Herd R & S Higgins & Sons - Church Farm

About Us

At Bruton Dairy we aim to produce the best quality, locally farmed milk available on the market. So how do we achieve this?

We process both organic and non-organic pasteurised, unhomogenised milk. Our methods of milk processing are very traditional, we focus on quality and taste rather than convenience. All of our milk is pasteurised but we do not homogenise like the majority of other dairies. Homogenising basically breaks down the milk fat, to which we believe affects the taste. You will notice that our milk stays creamy at the top, this is only found in milk that is unhomogenised. Just a simple shake will mix the cream and milk together.

Michael has been involved in Somerset dairy farming for over 50 years. From a young age he worked on their family dairy farm in Puriton, close to the Somerset levels. As a young man Michael started dairy farming his own farm at Sheephouse Farm on the outskirts of the beautiful Saxon town of Bruton, Somerset. Michael built a strong local reputation for the breeding of a quality dairy herd producing premium milk. Throughout the years of his farming career Michael has had a very active role in local milk producer groups and the National Farmers Union. He brings to the business a wealth of experience from his years within the farming industry.

Michael has been joined by his son-in-law David in the founding of Bruton Dairy. David brings to the company many years of business experience gained from his sales and marketing management career within the business sector. David has a strong understanding of the needs of the dairy farming community and his commitment to fair-trade business is total.

Our Farmers:

We strongly understand the importance of supporting our local farming community for future generations. Our beliefs regarding food miles are very important and close to our hearts, we are proud to state that all of milk is farmed within a 15 mile radius of our Bruton dairy unit.

All of our farms meet our closely monitored standards, of which the most important is animal welfare. As we are from farming families ourselves we understand the daily needs of a dairy farm in today's environment. In return we guarantee to all of our farmers a premium price for their milk, which in turn will help ensure the future success of the local Somerset dairy industry.

Organic Somerset Milk - Godminster Manor Farm.

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All of our Organic milk is solely sourced from the Godminster dairy herd, Godminster Manor Farm, Bruton, this is the neighbouring farm to our dairy unit. We are very proud of our association with Godminster and enjoy working alongside their team on the processing of their milk. Godminster are world famous for their range of cheeses under the Godminster vintage label.

We work very closely with the Godminster team. Richard Hollingbery, owner of Godminster has a simple mantra – nature repays those who treat her kindly. A great outlook, we think you will agree.

Farm manager Pete Cheek and Richard have crossed their 230 head herd of British Friesians with Swedish Red, Norwegian Red and Hereford breeds, to produce ani-mals that are well-suited to the largely pasture based organic system of dairy farm-ing. This also means that male calves can be brought on as beef animals. They grow as much of the feed for the cows on the farm as possible so they have tight control of their diet, taking four cuts of silage a year and producing wheat, triticale and spring barley crops. Wildlife is encouraged all over the farm with wide field margins, carefully managed ponds and hedgerows, while homeopathy is used as part of the herd management. Godminster Manor Farm is situated 0.3 miles from our dairy unit.

Godminster Manor Farm is situated 0.3 miles from our dairy unit.

Non Organic Local Somerset Milk- Church Farm, Somerset Estate.

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R & S Higgins and Sons farm 450 acres of land that forms part of the Duke of Somerset's estate. The Higgins family have farmed at Church Farm for over 67 years and are 4th generation farmers, soon to be 5th;- Millie is 2 years old and loves helping with the calf feeding and assisting in the parlour.

The farm assured dairy herd consists of 200 Friesians and Friesian Cross. Their farm produces in 1.5 million litres of the highest quality milk annually from the Green pastures of the Somerset Estate and their farm produced forage. Somerset Estate is situated 10 miles from our dairy unit.

Somerset Estate is situated 10 miles from our dairy unit.




  Processed at - Bruton Dairy, The Old Piggery, Godminster Lane, Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0ND